Four Cornerstone Of A Business Essay

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Starting a business involves a lot of preparing, thinking, financial decision, and commitment. Sure the mere fact of creating your own business seems exciting, but as many entrepreneurs discover it can also be demanding. There are few shortcuts to starting, growing and leading a good business. To successfully manage a business four cornerstones must be addressed continuously. The four cornerstones that conforms into the business’s foundation of success are: 1) vision/ purpose, 2) business strategy, 3) skills/ expertise, and 4) leadership (Dahlvig, 2012). For a business to have a strong foundation of success all four cornerstones must be equally strong- delicately harmonized. As long as there are no weak element, a business will build a …show more content…

The existence of a dedicated and knowledgeable leader who is willing to take risks is but a few criteria for the right governance, in order to have a successful business. A strong leadership support a successful business (Dahlvig, 2013). Along with the other cornerstones in place, it is up to the leadership to make the business’s main vision become reality. A good leadership helps his/ her staff feel motivated to do their best and recognize every effort; building an environment that gives off a sense of togetherness. Within Ikea, thanks to good leadership co-workers get the opportunity to not only develop on themselves but the business as well. The company invested a considerable amount of time to ensure such traits like togetherness, humbleness, lack of status, responsible, and common sense were all applicable to describe every leader and employees of …show more content…

Although the vision remains the same, ventures of enhancing the store experiences has changed. In figuring out new functionality for the furnishing store, the Swedish furniture maker is focusing on helping shoppers navigate through the large catalog of furnishing choices a lot easier with the help of technology. Despite Ikea’s small (yet big) changes like opening 25 new stores and adding complimentary wi-fi to the café; Ikea has some major plans that will further provide their company with a striking edge above that will once again separates them from the other competitive retailer stores. For example, Ikea is working on creating a virtual designer-led shopping host. The idea behind this idea is to have a virtual host pop up on customers’ smartphones as they enter the store. For those who chose to partake in the experience, the virtual host will be able to guide the customers through inventory and tell the stories behind each piece. Another example of how Ikea plans on enhancing the store experiences for its shoppers, is their “gopher” idea. With this idea, sometime in the future, shoppers are wirelessly paired up with an Ikea employees (the gopher) in the warehouse. If registered, the gopher collects all the merchandise the shopper scanned with their smartphone; once the shopper is finished and pays through their mobile phone, the gopher gets all the items ready and waiting for the shopper at the

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