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1.1 Explain the importance of ethics and values in business sustainability To understand the importance of ethics and values in business sustainability we have to understand the meaning of both ethics and values within a business. Ethics are defined as principles in which are moral that help guide business on how to act ‘ethically’ as well as an individual’s actions and behaviour to do tasks, assignments and work within a business organisation with integrity, determination and the drive to achieve predetermined goals, for example According to Anthony R Vonsee “ We Believe integrity is more than compliance with applicable laws and regulations around the world.” Similarly to ethics, Values are referred ones attitude or behaviour to something. Business Ethics has to do with the behaviour of the people associated by the organisation or the organisation as a whole. Business Ethics offer direction as to acceptable performance performed by organisations. They are also decisions taken upon the organisation made by the individuals or groups of the specific organisation which are influenced by the norms or culture of a company/business. Business Ethics may involve rejecting certain ideas or influences to better or improve the standards of the business. Ethics allow people to function in a principled, honourable and in a lawful manner businesswise which can help lead to an increase in sales as people prefer to work with people who are honest, reliable and trustworthy. ”For Organisations that strive to b ethical there are two criteria for earning an maintaining an ethical status: the continual, consistent application of their values to all their stakeholders and their on-going adherence to laws and regulstions” said By Cynthia Schoeman (20... ... middle of paper ... ...em arises it may slow down productivity and profitability in an organisation. Conflict prevents the job being done and prevents the organisation to meet its target for example its main objectives. It is important that if a concern is brought up the leader is able to sort it out in a manner that does not harm the business or its employers thus making sure the team leader is able to talk to their staff and vice versa. Considering a person to be a leader for an organisation is essential for successful business practises hence keeping in mind the certain characteristics an individual needs to have in order to be a leader and the responsibility of the leader to make sure that if any conflict arises they are able to handle the problem with care. They need to be able to manage themselves and people, to ‘drive them’ in order to allow them to strive to do their best.

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