Nature Of Business Essay

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Text Synthesis Chapter 1 The Nature of Business Why do we study Business? Many people study business because it offers so many career opportunities in general and plus everything that we deal in today society has to do with business. Think about the clothes, shoes, etc. you wearing today and then think of what business made it very possible for us to be wearing those merchandise and top of that it satisfied the sellers that’s buying the product this is called tangible and intangible good that provide satisfaction and benefits of its product. The of field business itself offer us a variety interest and challenges career opportunity throughout the world, such as marketing, managements, finance production and many more that you could think of, thinking about all those processes and people begin to understand about what business studies is all about. Business is a big major part of everyone life and anybody who has good idea how businesses work are at an immediate advantaged in the future. If you have some knowledge in business, it will help you to become a more conversant consumer and to market yourself well while looking for a job and also help generate profits that essential. Chapter 2 Business Ethics and Social Responsibility Why is it so important to understand the importance the ethics role in business? Business ethics and social responsibility are creating obligations for corporation to do more in the business than just obey the law. The acceptability behavior found in business is not only determined by the organization but like the stockholder, costumers, competitor, government and etc. Recognizing Ethical Issues in Business Ethical issues in a business is an identifiable Chapter 3 The Role of Int... ... middle of paper ... ...ility to deal with people, costumers inside or outside of work. You have to be able to communicate with people and understand their needs. People skills are very important specially working in a hospital, airline companies, banks and other organizations. Where does mangers come from? Good mangers are not born, they are made. Different organization’s acquires mangers in three ways. The first one is promoting the employee from within the organization, second hiring managers from other organization and lastly hiring mangers straight out universities. Promoting people within the organization tends to increase motivation by something employee the concept who work the hardest in the company. Promoting can sometime be bad to because the new manger have practice the policies from the previous manger that was in charge. Chapter 7

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