Wyatt's Buffalo Hunting Essay

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1. Compare Wyatt's buffalo hunting to the approach used by the old timers? There were many differences in the hunting approaches between Wyatt Earp and the old timers. The first difference was the size of the hunting parties. Wyatt Earp had two people in his hunting party and the old timers had six to seven. The second difference was the firearms that were used. The old timers used a rifle and Wyatt Earp used a shotgun. The third difference was the type of shot taken. Wyatt shot at close range and the old timers shot at long range. Some other differences were the way the herd of buffalo was controlled and the daily goal of buffalo to kill. The old timers tried to shoot curious buffalo and aimed to kill 100 a day which was an unattainable goal. Wyatt controlled the movements of the herd and aimed to kill 25 a day which was reachable and reached regularly. 2. What are the key elements of business success from an operations perspective? The key elements of business success are the people involved, the location, the supplies that are available, the plan that’s made as well as cost. 3. Relate these ideas to Wyatt's approach. …show more content…

Since he only had two people involved they had to be knowledgeable and skilled. Using this approach kept costs as low as possible but also provided buyers with high quality products. The location of any business, Wyatt Earp’s in particular, has to be chosen very carefully. You want a location that will yield you the best results. Since Wyatt decided to control the movement of the herd, he had to pick a location that would allow him to do so. That was part of his plan, pick the right location, have the right people, control the herd, reach his goal. He had everything worked out in a way that kept costs low, let him control what was going on, but also to reach his goals and produce high quality

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