Five Star Hotel Case Study

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1. Introduction Globalization has incurred dramatic transformation to commerce practices around the globe. Corporations like Intel, Apple, and IBM have begun to outsource experts from different parts of the globe, reasoning variation in firm’s structures and work shifts (Bernstein, Kripalani and Engardio, 2004). Consolidation between airlines (e.g., sky alliances, on world members and star alliances) is further instances of variations caused due to this phenomenon. According to Jean de la Croix (2011), like many other industries, hospitality and tourism sector has also been affected by the globalization. Hence, this dissertation peruses the impacts of globalization on 5 star luxury hotels in Geneva city, Switzerland with a specific concern on how it impacts the hotels marketing strategy. In this etude, “globalization” reflects on the procedure of augmenting cultural and social relationship, economic, and political interdependence, market and financial accretion that are due to the advancements in transportation technologies, communication, and business liberation (Lenway and Eden, 2002) This dissertation contains of 2 relevant etudes. The first study is designed to investigate the impacts of globalization in the marketing strategy of 5 star hotels in Geneva and the second study investigates the link between the impacts of globalization and the scale of corporate marketing and international marketing implementation of the 5 star hotels. As international business and trade expand, there is no doubt that international connections will become more and more significant for the hotel industry. According to Zhang Zhen (2005), in the late decades, many hotels have received foreign customers one day or another. Then, as the sector evolve... ... middle of paper ... ...n indicator was lately developed by collaboration between EDS Corporation and Foreign Policy Magazine (Foreign Policy, 2004). In this dissertation, the impacts of globalization are divided into two broad groups: 1) global market threats, and 2) worldwide market opportunities. These two important impacts are chosen in order to be perused as they are often mentioned in the past literature as one of the most certain and evident impacts of globalization (e.g., Molle & Jones, 2003; Smith & Calantone, 1999; Closs, 1992). Many believe that global market results in increases in market, business and enterprise potential and availability to the resources (Srivatava & Rukert, 1990; Smith & Calantone, 1999). However, some other like Heenan, 1989 and Jones, 2002; believe that global market results in an increase in the number and level of competition, and the degree of doubt.
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