The Negative Effects Of Globalization

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The interrelation and the integration of people, companies, governments and nations can be described as globalization. Globalization was produced due to international trade and investments with the help of technology. In today’s world, globalization is very essential. The advancements and technology help the process needed it for globalization. Many countries and organizations similarly are affected by this phenomenon, on the other hand, smaller countries have benefit from larger contributors in the world’s market. The process of globalization allows the global market to include products and services from all the companies around the world, including all the investments that is across national borders. Indeed, many American companies have taken their merchandise, manufacturing and services to invest in other countries. However, this has produced a negative effect in the global economy. The American companies…show more content…
Many Americans are used to getting the products they desire, at any cost. Trade with other countries is a necessity to the US because of the needs of the American people. Some examples of consumption could be wine, diamonds and gems, and vehicles. Another driving force in the global economy is cost of labor. Imagine the amount of money some companies would have to pay American workers to do the same work as some third world countries. Offshoring has become a big factor in the global economy. Many companies have opened customer service centers in different countries due to the savings. Clothing companies moved their manufacturing plants to other countries due to the cost of labor. Major stores in the US, for example, Wal-Mart, brings in most of their product from other countries to save money and pass that savings onto the consumer. Capitalism in the US has recently helped the global economy, the benefits of the Americans in the world’s marketplace is seen the return of money to the rest of the