Ethnographic study at McDonalds

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This essay focuses on the topic of globalization, taking along several other factors with it. Increasingly in the world, it becomes obvious that the globalization is affecting almost all the businesses of the world. Every market in some way or the other is following the principles of globalization. For example, McDonalds is a chain of restaurants working in collaboration to deliver their customers with the best product and to achieve this McDonalds follows the concepts of globalization. This essay will discuss anc ethnographic study at McDonalds examining whether it confirms or denies the claims made about globalization. The ethnographic study took place at McDonalds’ shop, Leeds, local market in the afternoon of Monday, 17th January 2011. From away I could observe the huge logo of McDonalds. I stood at the entrance and stared at the shop for few seconds. The shop was far more elegant than the average McDonald’s. The interior has a minimal style with posh chairs, tables, black art deco fixtures, beautiful paintings and attractive lights and draperies. There were large windows so it was impossible for customers to see into the Harvey Nichols store. Also, outside were window boxed filled with flowers or greenery. I could hear some relaxing music. At first glance, I noticed that customers were people with different age groups, genders, ethnic classes, social classes and cultural backgrounds. The language which was more spoken was English. [Without thinking, I was moving towards the counter, I faced] the girl behind the counter [; she] was wearing a red t-shirt with a cap and a hut. She seemed to be in a rush to handle the orders. Despite that, she was friendly and with a smile on the face to welcome the customers. The most co... ... middle of paper ... ...International Economics. Krishnan, R. (1996). The first revolt against globalization. Monthly Review, vol.48, no.1. Krugman, P. (1994). Does Third World Growth Hurt First World Prosperity? Harvard business review Oman, C. (1994). Globalisation and regionalisation: the challenge for developing countries. Paris: Development Centre studies. Osland, S.J. (2003). Broadening the Debate, the Pros and Cons of Globalization. Journal of Management inquiry, Vol. 12 no. 2, pp.137-154 Rodrik, D. (1997). Has Globalization Gone Too Far. Washington: Institute for International Economics. Rosenau, N. J. (2006). The Study of World Politics: Globalization and governance. Abingdon: Routledge. Valaskakis, K. (1998). The challenge of strategic governance: Can globalization be managed? Optimum, vol. 28, no. 2, pp. 26-40. (accessed 15/01/2011)

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