The Impact of the Global Economy on the Marketing Strategies of Hutchinson Whampoa Limited

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The overall aim of this paper is to evaluate ways in which changes within the global economy might impact upon marketing strategies and activities of a business organization of my choice. The company I have chosen to write about is Hutchison Whampoa Limited (HWL), which is a global conglomerate.

Firstly, I would give a brief description of Hutchinson Whampoa Limited.

Hutchinson Whampoa Limited is a global investment holding company founded in 1977, and is based in China, employing approximately 260,000 people from 52 countries, including approximately 1,100 in the Bahamas. It also comprises 319 berths in 26 countries and is one of the leading Container Terminals and Port Services. Hutchinson’s broad portfolio includes Real Estate, Hotels, Commercial, Industrial and Residential Properties, owning and managing fifteen (15) premium hotels, worldwide. Hutchinson Whampoa Limited is the operators of The Freeport International Airport, The Freeport Harbour Company, The Freeport Container Port, and Our Lucaya Hotel, in Freeport Grand Bahama. Their global business portfolio includes 11,000 retail interests and stores in 30 Countries. Their Energy division accounts for 34.02% interest in one of Canada’s leading energy companies, The Husky Energy Inc. HWL also provides mobile telecommunications, data, internet and broadband services.

(Hutchinson Whampoa Ltd. – about HWL -no date)

Hutchinson Whampoa Limited’s infrastructure includes a 78.6% interest in Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings, an investor in China, Australia, New Zealand, The United Kingdom, Canada and the Netherlands. The company is one of the leading operators of mobile telecommunications and data services, being an international pioneer of the mobile broadb...

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