Examples Of Economic Globalization

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Economic Globalization Taking public opinion into account, the development of economic globalization may be regarded as both positive and negative. Social programs such as welfare, can provide an equivalent comparison to society’s beliefs. In my patriotic opinion, economic globalization will always produce both pros and cons within its structure, regardless of intent or outcome. That is to say, that development of any nature, especially on a global level effects everyone, directly or indirectly. The text provided Walmart as an example of economic globalization, being that it is an American corporation which imports the majority of its products from foreign nations. While this corporation employs thousands of American workers, it also weakens American industry by importing inexpensive products and underselling its competitors. In the end, American industry has the almost impossible task of competing in a global market, where things such as labor laws, unions, environmental laws, etc. have no significance.…show more content…
By keeping the potential for these matters to exist and the positive effects they produce in mind, an individual can be more likely to accept a global market. Additionally, one could reasonably argue that a global market has always existed and merely adapts with time. After all, Columbus set out to discover new trade roots in order to exploit a growing global market, he may have not found the fastest way to China, however, he was credited with discovering America. This fact, gives way to the idea that a global market provides much more than financial matters, in fact, the ripple effects of economic globalization build upon social endeavors just as much as they do in financial
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