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Influencing Factors During this class, there have been many influencing factors that are associated with my career development. Both environmental and external factors have impacted my career development in various ways. The first would be that I am limited to the amount and type of work I am able to perform because I am only a college student. Obviously, a company is not going to be paying me for a salary position when I am only available to work twenty or so hours a week. I am also limited as to what type of work I can do because I do not have a lengthy list of work history. Where I live also constrains my abilities to work elsewhere as well because I have decided to go to a four-year university in Tempe and traveling to the other side of the valley everyday is just not feasible. That does not give me a lot of mobility, just because there are not enough hours in a day. Future external factors that I could foresee influencing my career choices would be where I end up deciding to live, whether it is an apartment or the purchase of my first house. An apartment would give me a little more maneuverability than a house because it would be easier to break an apartment lease than a home mortgage. Having a family of my own in the next ten or so years could also drastically alter my future career decisions. Depending on the circumstances, I might have to forego my dream job and get one or two part time jobs just to support my new family. Each year as I get older, I gain more and more experience both in life and in the workplace, which can make me a more desirable worker to a potential employer. However, there comes a point in time in every ones life where that becomes untrue. For example, my parents are both in their mid 50’s and say all... ... middle of paper ... ... and cover letters. I have never done an informational interview before and after giving one; I found it to be very beneficial when looking for answers that could not be simply found online or through anyone else. I also love the fact that the informational interview comes from someone within a related career that I am interested in and from a person with first hand experience. I had not looked over or updated my resume and cover letter for nearly a year, so being able to have a chance to make corrections to them was a great time saver. I also found the peer reviews over the resumes and cover letters to be constructive in that they allowed a fresh pair of eyes to rake through some of the mistakes I may have overlooked. I will undoubtedly keep referring back to this course over the next few years when I am out in the job market looking for my future dream career.

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