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Part A: Plan of Investigation
Disney has portrayed women in movies by the use of animation characters for over a century since the 1900s. There has been a very big change since the early 1900’s to modern day in Disney’s depiction of the personalities of the women, their attitudes and ideologies towards men, and the way they are portrayed in the movies. This progression has had a distinct development, from passive damsels in distress in need of the help of men, to being superheroes. Therefore, the evolution of women in Disney movies will be analyzed through the use of university level feminist essays, as well as a research paper written about gender roles in Disney animation. The evolution will also be analyzed through examination of the clips of the movies themselves.

Part B: Summary of Evidence:
• The first portrayal of “Snow White” in 1930s showed the woman to be a product of the environment around her. The influence of the environment was depicted as having a great impact in influencing the character of women due to their naïve and weak nature (Cheu 135).
• In the 1930s, aspects of pre-feminism in Hollywood movies were rampant (Hugel 1). This helps to explain why women were given limited roles in the movies. The women were portrayed as symbols of love. The women never participated in other active roles. Because they were weak creatures that could not perform other challenging roles in the society (Horowitz 41). The women were also presented as victims of the environment in which they lived.
• In the 1950s Disney character such as “Cinderella” and “Sleeping Beauty” depicted women as still innocent and meek, thereby alluding to the permanence of pre-feminist stereotyping of women in popular culture (Cheu 150). In the two fi...

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...omen in early 20th century were dependent on men. They lived under the shadow of men. They did not make their own choices but instead did as the men required of them. They were supposed to marry men of their fathers’ choices and not of their own. If they fell into any problems, they could not get make do without the help of their male counterparts. However, as the 21st century approached, the depiction of women started to take a different, more realistic direction. Women are seen beginning to make decisions on their own and to assert their independence. The characters also started getting married to the husbands of their choice. The women begin to participate in previously male-dominated roles and are depicted as performing equally competently. This represents Disney’s recognition of the transformation of society to into a gender-sensitive and socially aware set up.

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