Gender And Stereotypes: Gender Roles In Disney Movies

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1513 words

Gender Roles. A hot button topic that has become a topic of conversation for years now. When we think of Gender roles what things come to mind? With Men we often think of qualities such as strength, toughness, bravery, and masculinity and being a Husband. With Women we often think of characteristics such as: care taker, Wife, nurturing, cooking/ cleaning, and often very supportive. But another big question that we should be asking ourselves is where and how these gender roles and stereotypes have come from? And for the answer to that question we should look to our media consumption. For years now TV shows and Movies have truly shaped what gender roles should be in our society. These ideas are planted in our minds even at a young age, whether …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that gender roles are a hot-button topic that's been around for years, and that disney is one of the biggest enforcers of them.
  • Analyzes how gender stereotyping was picked up by many and why large corporations such as disney used them.
  • Analyzes how disney glorifies a body type of extreme attractiveness over all others and adds to the gender roles we've already seen.
  • Analyzes how the film reinforces gender stereotypes by making jasmine and aladdin appear certain ways.
  • Analyzes how disney's aladdin exploits gender roles and stereotypes, but there is room to grow and improve in this area.

In this sequence we really see one major theme being enforced here and that is that women must be dependent upon men to protect and provide for them. In Aladdin and nearly all other Disney movies females are represented as very dependent on the male, however strong they may be personally. Because of this children often associate this idea early in their lives to how they themselves should act as well. Meaning little girls often grow up thinking that they have to be with a strong man whom provides and protects them, as well as feel that they must marry a man of a higher standing or with money as well. Another gender role that we see also exposed and or used in Aladdin is the idea that a men and women must look a certain way to be seen as beautiful or handsome. But Aladdin again is not the only example of this, as we see another example in this quote: “ Men are often seen trying to date beautiful women and are often seen attempting to gain a higher level job if they don 't already have one. While Women often say very little and and often seen home alone and are more often focused on romance”. This quote is truly quite accurate in regards to this movie. We see aladdin use his wishes to gain a higher status/ standing …show more content…

Of course Disney does not intend for these things to offend you, that would just be stupid. But none the less they are still here. Though Disney in my eyes has started to move away from these old and out of date stereotypes in their new films there is still plenty of room to grow and improve still in this area. As I write this I also think about what might the movies would be like if they moved outside the stereotypical lens that they currently operate under. And if instead they embraced characteristics like caring, compassion, femininity, and self acceptance. There is no true easy way to do this, as so many people still seem to not really care or even see the gender roles and stereotypes being forced upon them. In conclusion, gender stereotyping and role are often overlooked in Aladdin due to its heartfelt and magical charm. But it 's the unnoticed and underlying meaning truly does have a large and profound effect of the view of the young child audience as it can truly change their cultural and overall development. Something that must be changed sooner rather than

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