Fast Food Influence

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their hands on fast food in pratical minutes. Even in worksite places fast food is close and is very tempting to eat. Who would not want to trade a peanut butter sandwich for a juicy burger and large fries. Also when people are on their way home from having a long, tiring day at work people do not have the time and effort to go home and make a homemade cooked meal. So while they drive through the city they will tend to stop somewhere like KFC or pick up Chinese food and take it home because it is close, fast, and everyone can not resist eating it. To take a case in this point, for example, in Orlando, Florida they have over four hundred and sixty-three fast food restaurants. Per 100,00 residents they have about 196 fast food joints to feed…show more content…
The atmosphere of the neighborhood and household is a justification on how parents are the influence to their kids bodies. If a neighborhood is close to fast food restaurants it could lead to bad eating habits like going there everyday and buying a burger off the dollar menu. In addition, if say a family does not bring in a high-income that could cause bad eating habits also. If parents do not bring a big income and have to have a budget, fast food is the way to go. Easy, fast, and cheap. Also if a parent makes little income they might have to work overtime or have more than one job. When people work to much they tend to get tired faster and do not have the time and energy to prepare healthy meals or even an meals at all. To explain more on this issue I found an article that connected to my points citing, “Children who rely on fast food may tend to have parents who do not have the means desire or time to purchase or prepare healthy foods at home. This is what really is driving children’s obesity and what needs to be addressed in any solution” (Klausner 1). The author, Klausner drew attention that because parents are so busy and tied up with work , there is no possible way that children can stay healthy. The parents have a huge contribution to why fast food makes children obese. Today many Americans suffer in poverty. Poverty is a huge…show more content…
Furthermore, I explained how the environments of people can cause obesity. Being in a city full of fast food places is impossible to drive past everyday without getting urged to buy something to eat. Plus people can not give up on the opportunities fast food grants by their low prices and how people can get more money for their dollar. Fast food never looks disgusting, it is always looking so nice and delicious. Lastly, I stated how the parents and school influences children to eat fast food more. To sum up, you and Americans all over the nation need to take action about caring about your health and finding ways to become less addictive of fast food. We need to stand up to what is taking over society: fast food companies and stand up to them and discuss healthier alternatives other than a eating a burger and fries. We all need to take a stand and make an impact on our society and it all starts with standing up to what is
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