Competition Among Fast Food Chains

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Competition Among Fast Food Chains


To begin with, for the fast food industry around the world, the leading fast food chains; marketing information is wrapped around from convenience location, changing preference, quality of food, pricing of fast food, potential customers, age of the customers, menu selection and diversification and last of all ' superior service.

From marketing perspective, LOCATION for the fast food service to the potential customers is most important according to Maritz Marketing Research. The recent study showed the location has to be convenient. The analysis said that adults under the age of 65 prefer convenient location for their fast food. They need their service to be in “an arm distanced”, which means the convenient location helps customers save their time, traveling cost. For the fast food chain companies, locating the branches to reach customer becomes a positioning strategy.

CHANGING PREFRECE depended vastly on the fast food manus. For example we can mention about SALAD. Now salad was never considered as a part of fast food menu. But with the change of taste and preference, fast food chains like Windy, Taco Bell, and McDonald have introduced SALAD into their menus. This preference is not stopping only with salads. In 2002, McDonald’s introduced great tasting new products including premium salads, n salads plus menu; Chicken McNuggets made with white meat; Fish McDippers; Chicken Selects; and new breakfast offerings like the McGriddle sandwiches. Here as a fast food chain, McDonald did not have to introduce new dishes in their menus but with the impression and image in the market analysis, of increasing demand and chan...

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...ures can cause big disaster.

Going online is an advantage for fast food chains in this high competitive market. Through online service, international marketing objectives and goals can be achieved, with cost reduction. Still, there is some problem along with this advantage. Many times the content on the web page may be interpreted in a ways that was unintended.

Consumption habits are very important factors for international marketing strategy for fast food chains. Culture is also involved in here again, though these days’ customers are always looking forward to something new in the service and products. Then again, taste of customers is changing as they are transforming towards dining in if the image of fast food is not healthy. Health conscious customer are quick to abandon fast food, they find the fast food very harmful for lungs, heart and blood conditions.

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