Fast Food Nation

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From a study completed by Chicago-based Research International USA completed a study called “Fast Food Nation 2008. The panel consisted of 1,000 respondents of ages 16-65 who provided their inputs with an online survey which was conducted between March 13 through 2008. Which was based on results on fast food restaurants like McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s are gaining popularity even through the economic hardship and recession. Marketing strategy has become more of influence on kids and young American’s. As population grows and the demand increases of fast food restaurants are expanding their stores to capturing more consumers. Fast food chains are also willing to change their menus to continue to gain and retain repeating customers. With each generation that passes, brings fast food chains into more homes and continues impacting lives. Based on the study from Chicago-based Research International USA found that more than half of the population eats fast food once a week and with a 20 percent eating fast food at least every other day. Most being males below middle age. Also more than half of the guests were with family members, 29 percent of these guests are with children under the age of 18. Fast foods chains are targeting kids and young adults by utilizing cartoon characters and celebrities to influence them into their products. They also build playgrounds in their restaurant to help draw kids into business and also provide toys with cartoon characters they can relate. Some chains have website which are geared for kids and allow them to play games and interact with their products. These tactics are to entice kids into their restaurants which are a contributing factor with higher rate of guests that are under 18. With... ... middle of paper ... ... Annotated Bibliography "Stress Feeds the Need for Comfort Food." WebMD - Better information. Better health. Jennifer Warner, 3 Sept. 2003. Web. 15 Feb. 2010. In the article it discusses how fast foods can reacts to human hormones and releases stress which can provide comfort and satisfaction. Also continue eating comfort foods can "Study Says Fast Food Remains Popular - Restaurant News - QSR Magazine." Quick-Service and Fast Casual Restaurant News and Information - QSR Magazine. QSR Magazine, 20 June 2008. Web. 17 Feb. 2010. Half of the population will eat fast food once a week. Fast food remains popular with all income brackets, even during harsh economic times. Fast food changes their menus to adapt to consumers demand.
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