Fanny Fern

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For my third reaction paper I decided to write about Fanny Fern. Sarah Willis Parton, her real name, was the woman who was perseverant and trusted her own mind and followed her heart to do what she thought was best. Due to her determination she was able to make big achievements, “…one of the first women in the United States to have her own newspaper column, and for years, famous as “Fanny Fern”… (806). She has written many papers like Male Criticism, A Law More Nice Than Just and Fresh Leaves, etc… While reading some of her writings I decided on analyzing a column which she published in 1858, A Law More Nice Than Just. This is a volume that speaks about Fanny Fern and her way of thinking on how men think of women and what are there reactions. The first “attack” is that women are not allowed to wear pants, this is only an action for men, “…Emma Wilson was arrested yesterday for wearing man’s apparel” (810). Why, should men be the only ones to wear pants, when there is supposed to be equality for both sexes. This is just that, a sexist idea, because women have the same right and that does not make them more or less feminine than those who wear pants, skirts or dresses all the time. Women are expected to be all day home waiting, for what? Who knows, just they know, because when they do go out they have to confront the “…rainy-day philanthropists who are interested in the public study of female anatomy” (810). This is absolutely not fair because when we come to see the ones who are more persistent and can say that they wear pants are the women because in the same example given before about the rainy days, women are the ones who have to suffer day in and day out to maintain a cordial look with there skirts all full of mud and all wet while men have it easier and are going about that they are the independent kind. Fanny shows us her strength of mind while wanting to break boundaries. She will not support the fact that men have it all figured out. But since she is so intelligent, she is a woman of course, she decided to go out dressed as a man, with her husbands clothes. She wore the whole set of
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