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Flapper by Joshua Zeitz is a book that many historians have found so thrilling that they find it difficult to put it away. This is because of the manner in which Joshua presents the themes touching story. He tells a telling the story and growth and development of the American woman. He explores the role of industrialization and the growth and development of urban centres. He uses a romantic story using Zelda and F. Scott. Besides, fashion, which many women strive to achieve, plays an essential role in making the work of Joshua a world class literature. American woman underwent a number of revolutionary stages to come to what is now referred to as modern women. Through the stories of Zelda and Scott, the reader is able to imagine the rough road that women in America have travelled to achieve their current status of modern woman.
The writer has carefully introduced Zelda in the book to represent women of questionable morals in the society. Through her, the reader is in a position to learn the evolution and growth of liberty that women in the US have undergone in their quest to achieve modernity. Also, through CoCo Chanel, the designer, one gets to understand how a woman is able to use the talents and skills she has to liberate other women in society. Through her clothing and design techniques, she was able to shun traditional ways of a woman’s life and live a life which was more independent. She stayed away from the old root, Victorian ideology. This move as the writer puts it shows that a woman has the right and the ability to lead a comfortable life without the support of society. This move as the writer
CoCo Chanel’s action of moving away from the older Victorian ideologies was a show of liberalism for women. The writer uses t...

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...s far as the author is concern, the fact that CoCo Chanel left the Victorian ideas and lived a life of her own made other women admire her. According to the author, clothing design was her star that raised her above other women. It would be better if other women would emulate her character and moral beliefs that should attract other women.
Another issue that the writer seemed to have swept below the carpet is the morality of women. First, women seemed to have been despised until they started excelling in mass advertising. Also, the author seems to peg the success of the modern woman to clothing and design. This means that women and cloths are but the same thing. In fact, it seems that a woman’s sex appeal determine her future endeavours, according to the author. It is through this that I believe that the author would have used other good virtues of women to explain
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