Factors That Influence Unemployment Among Graduates

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The purpose of this study was to determine the significance factors that influence unemployment among graduates in Malaysia. The variables consists job mismatch, English proficiency and employability skills are stated as independent variables for this study. The respondents were 150 employers and workers in Malaysia. The finding showed that job mismatch, English proficiency and employability skills have influence on unemployment among graduates in Malaysia. All variables show positive relationship towards the unemployment among graduates. This study refers to primary data and also secondary data for supporting the sampling technique. Meanwhile, the researcher use questionnaire as the method to collect all the data from sample respondents in accomplishing the research objectives. While the data for this study was analyzed using multiple statistical procedures: mean point value, standard deviation, and correlation analysis. The result of the study presented in this research agrees that job mismatch; English proficiency and employability skills influenced unemployment among graduates. This study can be seen as a foreword to a more detailed study to be carrying by future research on the issue of unemployment among graduates in Malaysia. In Malaysia 200000 graduates are now jobless beacause os their inability to converse in English. Organizations choose people that suited to the job and organization so the appliquant most have the appropriated qualification. ‘‘ Malaysians employers federation secretary Datuk Shamsuddin Bardan said that a survey a few years ago among it members found that 60% of them identified low English proficiency as the main problem with young recruits’’. Employers are more likely to hire based on... ... middle of paper ... ...f the populace would be a pulling factor in attracting foreign direct investment. Malaysia would be hard put to compete with more advanced and well established manufacturing industries in a liberalized economy which frowns on trade protectionism. The best alternative would be to fortify a knowledge based service industry and this requires a sound knowledge of English. Thus, it can be seen the learning of English in not merely for the sake of social vanity, it is related to our economic survival in the post 2000 era of globalization. The education system should take serious steps to improve the soft skills of the students. According to newspaper reports, employers frequently lament that many recent graduates lack vital soft skills such as interpersonal skills, communicating skills, negotiating skills, persuading skills and other vital skills inherent in communication.
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