Exercise And Anaerobic Exercise

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Human development has drastically changed within the exercise and fitness industry since the 1940’s. This industry is now one of the largest, most studied, and sought out aspects of human life. Many people depend on exercise to sustain their health and change their bodies both physically and mentally. Specifically, many look to change their body composition, meaning how much muscular lean tissue and fat they have (Zanker, Cathy, and Louise). In many circumstances, such changes to one’s body are heavily scrutinized and evaluated against social norms (O’Donnell). Exercise to improve body composition can be done using two different methods, anaerobic and aerobic exercise. In regards to improving body composition, anaerobic exercise's effects are …show more content…

Anaerobic exercises effect on fat loss is much more effective than aerobic because of the way the body benefits from this form of training. Aerobic exercise burns calories for energy at the point of low intensity exercise (Sisk and Atkins). This is when one practices low to moderate exercise that is easily fueled with oxygen and energy. Aerobic exercise doesn’t create an “after burn” effect like anaerobic exercise does. Depending on the person and their efforts, anaerobic exercises burn less calories, as it is not as long or intense, but can burn calories for up to 48 hours. The reasoning is that the body needs to supply energy, meaning calories, to repair and recover. It is important to know that fat burning is the bodily function of fat oxidation of fat molecules which are then used as energy (Alic). While someone must typically be in a caloric deficit state to burn fat (Alic), anaerobic exercise allows one to burn more calories over a prolonged period of time, rather than just during the moment of exercise. That increase in energy expenditure enables the body to burn more fat to aid in recovery. Fat burning is typically expended within moderate to high intensity ranges of exercise (Alic), which is typically where anaerobic activity occurs superior to aerobic exercise. An anaerobic exercise, such as high intensity interval training, is short spurts of maxed out efforts. An example of such exercises is sprinting and lifting, the most strenuous form of training that produces the fastest results with increasing endurance and body composition (Atkins). Lastly, the body will burn more fat because of boosting exercise intensity, such as that of anaerobic exercise, which has more positive effects than burning fat with low-intensity aerobic exercise

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