Examples Of Persuasive Speech On Obesity

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I. Introduction: You’ve probably heard it a million times that obesity is an issue on the rise in America. Well, why if everyone knows that it is a problem is nothing being done to fix it? I’m here to propose a solution to this problem affecting over a third of the adult American Population.
II. The problem with obesity in America.
A. Obesity is not just a health issue; it is also a social one.
1. More than 35% of American adults are classified as obese with a BMI over 30.
a. Obesity is seen in all races and ages.
2. Obesity leads to a lower self-esteem and image issues
a. Bullying is commonly targeted towards those who are overweight.
b. The press and media portray obesity often in a demeaning way.
c. “Fat jokes” are common among school aged kids and teasing is seen a lot at this age.
3. Besides the image issues, obesity has a negative effect on the body.
a. A higher risk of
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Educate people on how to shop healthy on a budget and what sugary and processed food are better than other.
c. Allow people to understand what a serving actually looks like and how to prepare without over doing caloric content.
d. Make health classes mandatory in schools and put an emphasis on being healthy. Many schools do not make health a requirement anymore.
2. Bring back rigorous PE classes in schools.
a. We need to quit allowing those who struggle with weight to sit out because it is too hard. They need to be pushed equally to the best of their ability to improve their overall health.
b. Children and adolescents need to be shown how to be active and how to live a healthy life.
3. Reduce processed foods in grocery stores and make healthy foods more readily available.
a. Reduce the cost of vegetables and fruits and bring local farmers into the equation over large corporations.
b. Remove processed sugars from snacks and foods and replace with healthier alternatives.
c. Have grocery stores remove the amount of sugar drink and candies that are on the aisles and provide drinks
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