Examples Of Interpersonal Communication

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Greetings Sam and Jane, My name is Shannon Fields and it have come to my attention that you two are newly engaged, and with me taking a course in Interpersonal Communication were seeking suggestions and advice regarding your relationship as a couple. I will share with you the knowledge from the course and from my personal life experiences both good and bad. In this letter to you I will discuss strategies for you to learn to us your empathic listening skills, recognizing the power of words, how nonverbal expressions could affect your relationship, and how to create a positive communication climate for you and your partner. I can assure you that this informational letter will serve as a guide of the many ways to better your relationship. I am honored to be able to share some of the dynamics of interpersonal relationships with you, Sam and Jane. I would like to defend myself and the works of this course by stating that with the help and guidance of Our Lord and savior Jesus, my husband and I will be celebrating 5 years of marriage this year on May 8th, with this I know a little something about how to maintain a long-lasting, loving and healthy relationship. Furthermore, I look forward to sharing with you my knowledge and set you on a path of a long-lasting, loving, and healthy relationship. First I want to share some information about myself. I married my husband in 2009, and after 5 long years we are still together. We met in 2006 on Myspace which is a social media network. I think that the thing that has kept our relationship challenging, but interesting is the difference between us. Through this union I am the mother of two wonderful daughters, Jaliyah age 4 and Janasia age 2. In this letter I will address different material reg... ... middle of paper ... ... and showing respect for each other. We have covered some very important strategies, concepts and information in this letter that will set you on a road to assist you in your relationship: such as understanding the power of words, developing strategies for listening, understanding how nonverbal expression can affect relationships, and evaluating appropriate self-disclosure. When you allow yourself to not to be selfish and you can put yourself in your mate’s shoes the road to a successful marriage will follow. Remember to acknowledge God because without him you would not be who you are today and you would not be in the process of getting married. As long as each of you treat each other how you expect to be treated you will experience a loving and healthy long lasting marriage. I pray that you have learned as much as I have and enjoy each other and your advancements.
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