Characteristics Of Effective Self-Disclosure

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a. Self-Disclosure is the process of deliberately revealing information of one’s self that is personal and wouldn’t usually be known by others. b. The three requirements of self-disclosure are, deliberate, significant, and not be known by others. Deliberate means that you should be willing to give up that info. So, you it can’t be declared self-disclosure if you accidently said that to a friend during a conversation. The second part of the three is significant. The personal thing your disclosing must be significant not just a random thing. Saying you like Starburst to someone isn’t a significant thing. A more significant would be like telling you friend you have cancer. You should say something more significant to make it a self-disclosing…show more content…
There are 7 different Characteristics of Effective Self- Disclosure. The first characteristic is, is the other person important to you? In this instance of Ramon and Julie’s talk of promotion. She should have been important to Ramon. She is his boss and she signs his paychecks so I think she would be important to him. He should have left out the idea that everyone who doesn’t own a house at age 40 is a loser. The next characteristics is, is the disclosure appropriate? The disclosure that he wanted to know if others quit because they didn’t get a promotion. This topic was not appropriate and I would have not of asked that. Plus, Bill and Latisha don’t know why they others quit, it’s just office gossip. The third characteristic of effective self- disclosure is the risk of disclosing reasonable. This happened when Ramon insisted that he is only on payroll because of his ethnicity. He could have gotten scolded by Julie for saying such a thing, but, Julie thought he was trust worthy. She said that there are going to be personnel movement soon to him. There is also is this disclosure relevant to the situation at hand? This happened when Ramon said he needed more money so he could pay off his mortgage on his house. I feel like that was a good thing to disclose to Julie. This showed that he really did need to make more money and wasn’t asking for a promotion out of luxury. The fifth characteristic is, is the disclosure replicated? It did happen once when they were talking. Ramon said he was looking at other jobs, and Julie responded to that disclosure with a promotion will be coming soon. So that was a good replication, but there is a bad one. When Ramon asked about people who have quit because they didn’t get the promotion. Julie responded to that with she can’t talk about past employees, or why they left. That was a horrible thing to ask your boss. The second to last characteristic is, will the effect be constructive? This happened when Ramon said that every who

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