Examples Of Childhood Shapes Adult Life

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Does childhood shapes adult life?
The environment has a huge impact in our life, it influences our behavior, personality, the way we see each other. The experiences we live as a child, shapes us either in a positive or a negative way. It’s inevitably to escape from how these experiences affects us, but it’s also possible to get rid of the negatives effect. In my opinion is a constant battle between the situations that shapes us and how we decide to let those situations change our behavior and personality. As childhood shapes our adult life, in my opinion, it does but not fully. The experiences we have as adults also shapes our behavior and personality and it can also have the same side effects. There's many things that shapes us, not only our childhood because our everyday
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For example, kids that grew up in a lovely and caring environment may see the world as a good and safe place. Our adult behavior reflects what we experience during our childhood. If a child had a father that would beat their mother, they're most likely to become an abuser towards people or a bully in school. Grown-up kids who had been abused or raped in their childhood, their emotions and life will be affected when they grow up and they're most likely to not being able to control their emotions. Parents play an important role in their kid's life, actually a big percentage of the education we receive as a child is the reason for our adult behavior. Parental relationship may alter a child's intimacy with others as an adult. When it comes to the essentials that are best to the development of a child and emotional well-being, a good parenting is important. On the contrary, hurtful and traumatic events in the childhood will cause them to grow up with low self-esteem, feeling worthless or hopeless and those experience will stay with them for the rest of their
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