Example Of Great Followers

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When coaching people there will be many obstacles people will have to go through, but at the end of the day it will be worth the time and effort. People who want to do a good job and represent their company while helping others achieve their goals in the process. “Great followers don’t make it about them. They are humble. They shine the light on the leader. They make their own boss look good—especially in front of his or her boss.” (Hyatt) This is an example of a worker who means business and will do whatever it takes to get things completed. Followers are people who want to do what is ask of them and without making a big deal out of things. “They understand their role. You can’t be a good follower unless you have clearly identified the leader. While you may be a leader in your own realm, everyone has a boss—including you. Great followers not only accept this fact but embrace it.” (Hyatt) People who cannot listen, do things that are asked, and are inconsiderate may not be the best at the situation. They may also fail in the workplace too because everyone has a coach or leader they have to answer to at some point.…show more content…
“All coaches will tell you followers do with who they are, I define followers according to their rank: They are low in the hierarchy and have less power, authority, and influence than their superiors. They generally go along to get along, particularly with those in higher positions. In the workplace, they may comply so as not to put money or stature at risk. In the community, they may comply to preserve collective stability and security—or simply because it’s the easiest thing to do.” (Kellerman) Some people are willing to go above and beyond their list of requirements of the job just to get higher on the corporate ladder. They feel this is the only way to get ahead and get a better job for
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