Reflection Paper On Followership

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As new Business Consultant in startup businesses, applying the role of leader and follower in my business and professional life, both roles would be fit my overall job duties. Before a person to really understand their roles in organizations, church, sports teams or professional office, one must define the word followership to truly understand the role that applies to one as leader or follower. Followership is the capacity or willingness to follow a leader within the organization ( Most of my job experience is in the field of social services, and it has always been easy to take on a leadership role. I knew the tenets of the job and what was expected of me, so it was easy to transition those expectations into…show more content…
“Even though followership is not something that is commonly researched or regarded as a skill to strive for, business thinkers and strategists agree that the success of leaders is highly dependent upon the ability of followers” (Lundin & Lancaster, 1990, p. 18). Though I was succeeding as leader in this environment, it did not satisfy me on a personal level. This dissatisfaction leads me to start my own consulting company where I specialize in non-profit and small business start up. I find my role as leader has transition to being a follower, when I state follower meaning I am under leadership of others who have successfully started their business. The transition has been challenging, as I am learning new concepts and techniques that were not available to me in my job…show more content…
I found no matter whom you are or what your profession is you have to report to someone whether it’s your spouse, family, clients, or pastors. Lieutenant Colonels Sharon M. Latour and Vicki J. Rash (2004) assert, “We are followers----following is a natural part of life and an essential role we play” (p.102). Both followers and leaders are needed because “effort from both leaders and followers is required for effective change” (Mosley & Patrick, 2011, p. 97). When examining the characteristics of followership, things the follower does or does not do, helps the leader and the organization. Another reason why followership is important to leaders and organization, “the organization processes towards its vision and the achievement of its goals when quality followership is displayed by the people working at the organization (Scott, Christopher L., 2012). “Inner leaders prepare followers, provide facilitating help, and then let followers lead themselves within the constraints of shared vision” (Fairholm, 1997, p. 192). As stated before stewardship plays a big role whether you are leader or follower, “Stewardship at the organizational level has to directly address the redistribution of power and the redesign of fundamental practices” (Block,
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