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There are five different criteria that should always be met when it comes to evaluating a website. These criteria’s include accuracy, authority, objectivity, currency, and coverage (“Criteria Used in Evaluating Web Resources”, 2014). Accuracy is deciphering who is hosting the website, if the website has stated the purpose and audience, and if the information on the site is reliable. A good way to check if the information can be trusted is to compare the facts found on the website with other information and facts found from other internet or print sources. Authority is verifying that the author of the website is real, because if the author is real then the information can usually be trusted as well (“Criteria Used in Evaluating Web Resources”, 2014). To check the authority of a site, the page should be examined for information about the author, note if anyone else has contributed to the website, check for contact information, and see if the author has created other websites with factual information. It is a good sign if there is contact information for the author, because it means someone is taking credit for the information on the page (“Criteria Used in Evaluating Web Resources”, 2014). If someone is taking credit, there is a better chance that the information can be trusted because the author would not want a bad reputation and to be held accountable for sharing false information. The objectivity of a website is deciding if the website is trying to sway the reader’s opinion, and if it is biased. If the advertisements on the site are being supplied by the author of the site, then there is a good chance the page is biased. There should be no bias or opinion located on a site that is supposed to supply factual information (“Criter... ... middle of paper ... ...ted a website that pertains to the disorder known as ADHD. There are five specific criteria that should always be met when evaluating a website, to assure the website it factual and reliable. The web page about ADHD exceeds all five of these criteria. The website is a government run site, so it has the proper and reliable authority. The information on the site matches other information about ADHD proving that it is accurate. There is objectivity because there are no opinions or bias located on the site, only factual information. The website is current and gets updated regularly, and covers all areas of the disorder ranging from the signs and symptoms to different treatment options (“Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder”, 2016). This site is an excellent example of what to look for when researching for an example of a reliable website with trustworthy information.

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