Euthanasi Strugative Speech: Informative And Persuasive Speech

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As I prepared for my last two speeches: Informative and Persuasive speech. I knew that I wanted to teach and inform people of what is important to me. I thought if I talked to the class about things I feel passionately about that it would be so much easier to deliver. Although, I was wrong, it wasn’t that bad after all. While delivering my past speeches compared to my recent ones, I’ve noticed more improvement compared to the first time I gave a speech. The first time we went into the library to learn to look for resources, I already knew that I wanted to do the topic Euthanasia. I’ve always been interested in Euthanasia and the pros and cons. I thought this topic would be very informative to those who didn’t know anything about it. Whether I was against it didn’t matter but I wanted to tell the class thee pros and cons, so that they can decide for themselves if Euthanasia was a good or bad thing. As for myself, I couldn’t fully say I was against it or for it. I understood both sides but leaned more on being against it. As I researched more, read stories, and statistics, I decided I was against it. I knew if I told the class facts on euthanasia and stories…show more content…
I didn’t know if I should have used the same topic as my last presentation or use another topic. I was so confused that I started on euthanasia but was also looking up other topics as well. I wanted to do very well on my last presentation. My problem with euthanasia, was that I already knew about it but wasn’t sure what other information I could present to persuade my audience. So then I decided on animal abuse, I’m a huge animal lover so I thought this topic could be great. I researched the topic and used facts to support my thoughts. I also thought it would be more persuasive to add images of dogs who have been abused and tell their story. I also added a video about a dog named Caitlyn because she was well known on

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