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Final Reflection Paper Over the recent four months in Communication 1402 class, I have addressed three formal speechs and completed a number of chapters in the corresponding textbook “Communication Works”. This course of Communication aims to provide general information what public speaking is and how to address a public speaking. Recalling back the experience during the processes of completing the Speech to Imform, Speech to Persuade, and Group Presentation, I will draw a conclusion about this course and these three presentations in five aspects, comprising my previous perception of public speaking before this course; learning from the Speech to Inform; the goal and evaluation of Speech to Persuade; learning from the Group Presentation; the most important thing learned from this course. Before this course. I had learned some public speaking skills in the previous classes, such us how to manage my eye contact, facial expression, gestures…show more content…
Due to this course, I have realized that public speaking anxiety is very common phenomenon that probably every speaker will have, no matter he/she is an expert speaker or a green hand. This recognition did relax my nervous and apprehension, and that leaded to a better performance. Before the speech of persuade, I attempted to reduce the public speaking anxiety and improved eye contact by doing more rehearsals. fortunately, that worked and helped me a lot. I believe that, if I feel nervous in the future, I will not be afraid of this emotion like what I did before. This course provided me knowledge on how to make me relax. Little by little, I have gained the confidence of combating the fear of public speaking in this course. All these precious experience will continue benefiting me in the future. Thus, I am proud to say that I have fullfilled the course objectives and enhanced my public speaking

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