Persuasive Speech Rhetoric

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Throughout our lives, we carry and value our own beliefs. As we face different challenges, we may be persuaded into making certain choices. However, no matter how convincing a person may be, in the end we always have the last word. Nobody likes being told what to do but we do like to hear other opinions for a different perspective. The proper way of using rhetoric is through a confident tone that is knowledgeable of their topic. The speaker should have integrity and be selfless in the sense that they are understanding towards their audience. There are three modes of persuasion that will make a speech effective and that is the use ethos, pathos, and logos. In the “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” King uses these three devices to bring out a great example of persuasive writing. He starts off the letter by stating “you are men of genuine good will and that your criticisms are sincerely set…show more content…
In his essay “Rhetoric,” he states “to reason logically, to understand human character and goodness, and to understand the emotions”(182). The audience should always be one of the top concerns for the speaker. When a speaker is trying to convince their audience to accept a different perspective, they should keep in mind that not everyone will accept it. The audience should not feel like they are forced to accept something instead they should feel a sense of willingness for the different perspective that the speaker discussed. Furthermore, Aristotle concludes “persuasion is achieved by the speaker’s personal character”(181). In other words, the way a speaker portrays themselves during a speech will make an impact on the audience. The audience will be more convinced if the speaker has integrity because that will result in a built trust and respect between the two. If the speaker lies about something to the audience, not only is the interest lost but so is the willingness to believe anything that they
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