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At first I thought I would never make it to be a motivational speaker. However, this class has really altered the perception and understanding about me as a public speaker. It has enabled me discover the potential I had in this field. At the commencement of my classes in public speaking, I thought I would be a boring public speaker, less convincing, less persuasive and would freak out if asked to offer an impromptu speech. But it has come to my light that in fact this is the field where I would want to pursue my career in, it is the field that my dream lies in. I realized that I could make excellent speeches, entertain my audience and always keep them eager to expect my next words. Public speaking classes really had an impact on…show more content…
During my classes, I learned that to be a better narrator or speaker one must be able to capture the attention of his or her audience. Creativity is the only tool to do this and to be creative one must be a critical thinker. Critical thinking enables a public speaker come up with a creative style of presenting his or her speech. Verbal and non-verbal skills are other important techniques relevant to public speaking that greatly contributed to my personal development as a public speaker. During my lessons, I did learn that body language is an important aspect of speech delivery. Facial expression and body movement really matter to an efficient public speaker. Learning how to tailor my speech to suit my audience’s needs through non verbal and verbal techniques will actually contribute to my success as a communicator. Learning how to overcome fear through building self esteem and confidence will always have the most important impact to me as a communicator. Public speaking anxiety results into boring and poor speech which is made in hurry. Through my communication lessons I have known how to prepare and practice, get organized, know the details of my topic and learn how to visualize on my success as a communicator in order to beat the fear of public speaking. This in no doubt will have a great impact to me as a motivational…show more content…
Through evaluating my classmates. I have been able to improve on my speaking skills. Evaluating others enabled me point out common mistakes made during public speaking and through teaching them on how to avoid such mistakes has made me learn how to avoid them too. On similar lines, evaluating others has enabled me add to the existing body of knowledge new vocabularies which is very important to my public speaking skills. Speech evaluation has enhanced my listening skills which are of great importance in public speaking. Listening more and talking less is an important technique gained through evaluation. To be a good evaluator of public speeches, one needs to have sharp listening skills in order to get the detailed mistakes that are hard to sense. Communication lessons have enabled me be able to differentiate between various types of speech. I can tell the difference between persuasive, informative, and narrative speech. With such knowledge it has become easier to evaluate the kind of speeches delivered and classify them accordingly. Moreover, it is easy to tell the objective of the speaker whether it is to educate, to persuade, to motivate or to

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