Eternal Knowledge is From God

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Knowledge starts to increase from the day we are born and continues throughout our lives. It is never complete but is an ongoing process. We acquire knowledge through life experiences and also through education. There are some truths that are eternal and there are also some that are relative to different times and places. As a Christian, I believe that eternal knowledge is base on a divine power. God is the center of that ultimate truth and He is the same yesterday, today and forever. From the beginning God laid the foundation of the earth and His plan for salvation. Through study man is slowly uncovering more and more of this truth but that godly truth always exist and stays fixed. This universal truth holds the test of time and hold true in the present, past and the future. As some increase in knowledge they tend to think more and more that there is no absolute truth but I believe that there must be some absolute truth or reality and for me that ultimate truth is God. I will not try to prove the existence of God to anyone and likewise no one can prove to me that God does not exist.

There are truths that will change due to different times and places and what we conclude to be true today may not necessarily be true tomorrow. We live our lives base on the reality of today but we are always searching for a better understanding of things and sometimes by way of education, life experience and even by accident we uncover information. For example, when AIDS was first exposed, it was believed that it was highly contagious through kissing and even through casual contact and as a result the whole country was in frenzy but as the medical field study and become more educated about this disease, they revealed that there are ...

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...fferent from what I see today. Back then teachers were looked at as gods, held in high esteem, feared and at the same time highly respected. Before we approached them we had to know exactly what and how we were going to communicate with these superior people. We cared what they thought of us and tried to please them in every way possible. These rules seem to be unspoken and by the time we got to first through first grade we know exactly how to behave. I asked myself if this heritage should be passed down but when I reflect on the relationship I had with my teachers, it was one of fear. To have a little fear is good but too much fear is harmful to any relationship. I went through school not learning as much as I should and this is because I was afraid to approach my teachers with questions. I believe that the relationship between teacher and student should

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