Religion And Society: The Importance Of Religion In Society

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“It is science, and not religion, which has taught men that things are complex and difficult to understand”-Emile Durkheim. Understanding religion is a very difficult task, with so many views and thousands of different religions. No matter what the religion is, or where it is located they all have an importance for society. The importance religion has is establishing what is correct and what is not. Religion has been around for many years, so has the many different understanding of the purpose religion has on society. Most of all the three key factors of religion that has an impact on society are; Social support, experience, maintain social control. For starters let’s establish not only what religion exactly is, but also what is the social …show more content…

Religion and education prepares young people to live a positive and productive elderly life. So what exactly is social control? It is performing the “manifest function of transmitting knowledge” (310). Social control it teaches young people what is to be good, and right. Most of all it is to emphasizes on; discipline, scheduling, and responsible work habits. This is viewed as what are the norms, and values of society. Like schools that educate people with the skills of mathematics, history, and sciences. Religion is to maintain society by driving in what they like to view as good character traits. Most religions believe if you live a riotous life on earth, you can live in paradise for eternity once it is your time to die. Although according to a survey conducted by Global Attitudes “True to the stereotype, surveys showed that Americans are more likely to believe that hard work pays off”. In other words even those without religion do have “good morals” and believe in change coming with hard work. Another form of Social control is most religions believe marriage is to be between man and woman, they do not condone gay marriages. Although in the Bible states ““You shall love your neighbor as yourself,””. With that being said generations are changing and beliefs along with them, who knows in years from now youth would be reading about how once gay marriages seemed wrong to

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