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1.1.1 Viral Marketing
Viral marketing is also known as buzz, blog and electronic word of mouth marketing. It increases brand awareness through internet. It uses internet as a platform for promotional messages of a product for the purpose of achieving product sales by viral process. It can take place in different forms like games, videos, messages and etc. It also includes a publisher, advertiser, advertising agencies and a server like other advertising medium. It is a very huge business and it is rising quickly every year.
For viral marketing or viral advertising we take three things under concerned, which are mentioned below:
• Message is what you want to convey or say in words and it should be interesting, sufficient, useful and informative. It can be in the form or videos, text or etc.
• Messenger carries message in any form. It can be a sales person, social hubs or market mavens.
• Environment is very important because small changes in environment can change everything, which can have a huge impact on the results. Timing should always be accurate while passing the message because it can be a big issue in viral marketing.
To meet right viral marketing or advertising objective we need to give the right message to the right messenger in the right environment.
Viral marketing involves:
• Internet search engines
• Blogs
• Television
• Radio
• Mobile devices
• Social media networks
• Websites and etc
Viral marketing can be defined as the unpaid distribution and communication of advertising content through internet. Viral message can be generated by markets itself for promotion of a product or it can also be generated by a consumer itself. It can also be delivered by word of mouth, which is one of the most important sources of i...

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...r but companies also interact with consumers. They keep them updated about the product or brand. They also share video clips or some content with consumers for advertising and then consumers share them with their friends and family. Twitter, Face book, LinkedIn, Instagram, You Tube and etc allow companies and consumers to share their viral messages in any form like text, video clips and etc.
Marketing through social media websites is increasing day by day but still some people have negative attitude towards it due to various factors. Attitudes toward social media advertising can vary from person to person due to numerous factors. A number of factors change consumers’ attitude, which can be negative or positive. Negative attitudes of consumers avoid social media advertisements and positive attitudes of consumers are into social media marketing in any form or way.
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