Technologies, Are We too Obsessed with Them?

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Technologies, Are We too Obsessed on Them?
In “10 Surprising Social Media Statistics…,” Bella Beth Cooper (2013) says that, over 189 million people use smartphones to sign in to Facebook rather than use their laptops. The first computer was of a size of the room and operated manually using tons of cables. It was too big and expensive at that time. But over time computers became smaller by introducing the Personal Computer (PC) and got smaller with laptops and even smaller when smartphones came out. Now, anyone can buy a smartphones that can perform tasks that a PC or a laptop can do. The following reasons will show why we are too dependent on technology.
Work and business relay strongly on the usage of internet. Sending and receiving mails, shopping online and advertising have change the way of business. In “Why the Internet is Important in Business,” Chris Blank (n.d) argues that every big and small businesses know the significance of creating a website and social media pages for the company. According to Blank (n.d) having a social media page or a website will increase the publicity of the business. For example, Old Spice is an old company and it needed to boost its sales; to do that they made crazy and funny advertising and posted them in YouTube and Twitter. After 7 month the company sales increased by 107 percent. Company sales increased tragically because YouTube is the wide media website and YouTubers like crazy and funny videos; with this, the view counts reached millions views per video, which led to increase the sales of Old Spice products. Relaying on the internet is now a major factor for a success of a company.
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest…, with the growth of social media people cannot live without them...

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...use of technology. Lastly one must not post useless materials on social media networks.

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