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Video marketing is the use of videos to market or promote a brand, service or product. A video is a more vivid, lively and memorable presentation of the marketing message, which results in enhanced search engine ranking, more conversions and click through rates, and better sales. Depending on their marketing plans and goals, companies can use live event videos, customer testimonials, explainer videos, how-to videos, entertainment (viral) videos and corporate training videos, among others, to pass their brand messages more persuasively, briefly and effectively. Today, online video marketing has become popular because it is cheaper to implement and the videos can be distributed on channels like YouTube with amazing ease. Why Should You Embrace…show more content…
In fact, videos can be shared on broadcast television, YouTube, street marketing and video boards, increasing the possibilities of reaching the target audience. The sharing of the videos results in more exposure of the brand message and generates an increased interest in the marketed brand. Indeed, video marketing is the simplest and most effective way of reaching lots of prospective clients and getting the marketing message heard, seen and felt. Besides, videos allow marketers to appeal to the emotional side of their clients, attach faces to their marketing messages, and establish more influential and useful connections with their…show more content…
Scrupulously produced and properly shared videos will increase search engine ranking, open rates, conversions and click-through rates. According to a recent study by Forrester Research, a web page with video is fifty times more likely to appear on Page 1 of Google search results than a web page without video. Another study by Zappos reported that web pages with video convert 6-30% more clients than pages without video, while Vidyard reported over 100-percent increase in conversions for businesses that have incorporated video into their online marketing. Other recent studies have also indicated that around 57-percent of online consumers are more likely to buy a brand that they are considering purchasing after they have watched a video demonstration of the brand. And as the cost of creating videos continue to drop, both small and large businesses can use videos to set their marketing apart and gain the edge over their competitors. How to Implement Effective Video Marketing Even though many companies usually work hard to implement effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, they usually consider video marketing and video SEO as a secondary venture. As a result, most businesses either ignore or give very little marketing resources to the internet’s second biggest search engine, YouTube. With the upsurge in video consumption across all devices, however, it is important and prudent that all companies make video content and marketing an integral

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