Essay On The History Of The Health Care Industry

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The history within the health care industry has faced many challenges over the decades; there will be future changes and challenges that are country will have to overcome. Improving health care in the United States can only get better with stronger leaders and new strategies. The United States currently is and has faced many challenges in the health industry. There is not a single sector of the health care industry has not been affected. The healthcare industry contributes a mass majority of factors in the United States the economy. The health care industry is one of the largest expenditure. The history of the health care industry has long related an inquiry that involves focusing on the lower and middle class individuals and creating a system…show more content…
The health care industry is the rapidly growing healthcare expenditures, cost of care, and quality of care, budget cuts, and health insurance. As a country we have to recognize and focus on the troubling issues. The following is a list of future challenges and changes that would have a contributed factor in the health care industry: (Many challenges have already surfaced; it’s a matter of what strategic planning the government can oversee and make positive approaches moving forward) • Employee work ethic-the younger generation does not have the work ethic, ability and experience of what work is’ as what the older generation(s) do/did. A decline in work performance and the ambush to work for that dollar has become troublesome for many. • Shortage in health care professional: the economy is stuffing to provide enough staff is this processional career to treat the population. With the recent health care reform act the additional Americans covered under health insurance now, more people are accessing the benefits as that would be expected. • Aging population- the older are working longer, but unfortunately the young are becoming sicker and disabled. There is a significant about of funding from Medicare and Medicaid that pay for the elderly and disabled. A concern is that will there be enough significant funds or will funding cuts need to be established and where will the shortage surface

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