Was The Industrial Revolution A Good Thing

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The Industrial Revolution What was the Industrial Revolution? The Industrial Revolution was a big step for the countries. Was it a good step? Or was it a bad step? There are a lot of reasons it was a good thing and there are reasons why it was not a good thing. This was the time when the new inventions made traveling, making things, and communication easier, faster, and more reliable. The Industrial revolution began in Britain, in the 1700’s. The reason for it starting is because Britain’s demand for goods increased, making the need for more efficient methods of production, which led to the rise of mechanization and the factory system. (“Industrial Revolution”). In the 19th century, Industrialization spread to other the countries: Belgium, …show more content…

(“Cotton Gin and Eli Whitney”). Cotton was extremely popular in America in the mid-19th century. Separating cotton fibbers from the seed was very time consuming. Whitney noticed the need for something to fix this. So he set aside his plans to study law. Within months, he created the cotton Gin. (The Cotton Gin”) Whitney, along with everyone else who new about his invention, thought his invention was going to make him rich. He wrote a letter to his father that said: “T’is generally said by those who knew about it, that I shall make a fortune by it.” (“The Cotton Gin”) Instead of making money out of his invention, the farmers that he planned on selling his Cotton Gin machines to, copied his inventions and claimed that they were the first one that invented it. After the cotton gin, cotton doubled every ten years. The demand for cotton went up because of the other inventions that made making thread, cloth, and clothes a lot easier and faster. (“The Cotton Gin and Eli …show more content…

“What hath God wrought!” was what he sent. (“Morse Code and the Telegraph). As time went by, more and more improvements were made. In 1850, Ezra Cornell invented good insulation for telegraph wires. (“Morse Code and the Telegraph”). Thomas Alva Edison invented the Quadruplex system in 1874 that allowed four messages to be transmitted simultaneously using the same wire (“Morse Code and the Telegraph”). Were there reasons that the Industrial Revolution wasn’t such a good thing? There was a lot. Small Farms in small villages is what use to be the thing to do. Sense the Industrial Revolution, small farms wasn’t so popular anymore. Pretty much everyone moved to the cities where the factories were. There weren’t enough houses in the cities, so a lot of the poor people were homeless. Some made their own homes, which didn’t have sewer pipes. This led to disease in the cities. (“The Bad things-Industrial Revolution”). Many, Many people died from

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  • Explains that the industrial revolution was a big step for the countries. it was the time when new inventions made traveling, making things easier, faster, and more reliable.
  • Explains how the industrial revolution made life easier for the majority of people. instead of going to a store, they used simple machines and hand tools to grow their own food.
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