Essay On Stakeholder Management

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INTRODUCTION This essay is about stakeholder management and the way in which values, ethics and beliefs underlie business decisions. The work is based on the British American Insurance (Mauritius)Co. Ltd hereby referred as BAI. How an insurance company relates with its stakeholders determines how successful it is in the long run. (AIR)Shareholders invest fund to drive the organization and expect returns .Clients pay premiums in return of financial security in case of unforeseen risks. Employees offer their knowledge capabilities to run the organization. The regulators act as watchdog to ensure the investment of individual policyholders is secure. LITTERATURE REVIEW A stake is an interest or a share in an undertaking. It can range from a simple interest to a legal claim of lownership. A stakeholder ,then, is an individual or group who has one or more kind of stakes in a business. According to Freeman, stakeholder theory focuses on how a company truly works .It has to create value for all its stakeholders .It must not be looking at one of them separately. It has to concentrate on the ...
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