Conflict of Interest with different stakeholders

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Introduction Although primary objective for managers is to maximise shareholders’ wealth, but many firms are started to focus on other stakeholders’ interests in recent years. Company can prevent transfer the damage of stakeholders’ wealth to shareholders when focus on stakeholders’ interests. In other words, “social responsibility” for the companies is to maintenance stakeholders’ relations in order to provide long-term interests to shareholders. By this way, conflict, turnover and litigation of stakeholders can be minimise. Obviously, company can achieve their primary objective by cooperation with stakeholders instead of conflict with stakeholders (Smart, Megginson, Gitman, 2002). Stakeholders are interest of an individual or groups that directly or indirectly affected by the organisation’s activities, policies and objectives (Henry Frechette, 2010). Stakeholders can be divided as internal (managers and employees) and external (shareholders, customers, and suppliers) (BPP F9). Different stakeholders may have common interests or conflict interests with company. Company board members or management must take care about stakeholders’ interest. They can’t make the decision based on their own interest or their relation with others organisation. Conflict of interest will arise when interests of organisation act in concert with managers’ personal interests or interests of another person or organisations, (Anon, no date). Management vs. Employees Every employee wants maximise their salaries and benefits based on particular skills and the rewards available in different employment. Most employees also want to continue their employment (ACCA F9). However, when sexual discrimination was happened in a company, there... ... middle of paper ... ...because it will affect shareholders interests if company not doing well their business. This paper discussed the reasons why Wal-Mart doesn’t doing well in global market. The main reason that Wal-Mart faced currently is internal and external problems. The internal problems included management and employees’ conflicts, while the external problems are suppliers and environment conflicts. These conflicts may cause Wal-Mart loss shareholders’ confidence to invest in their company and company’s share price also will affect. It will cause Wal-Mart difficulty to fight with their competitors in global market and spread their business to new market. To avoid these problems arise, Wal-Mart should find some solutions to resolve the conflicts. So that Wal-Mart can maintain a good relationship with their stakeholders and shareholders rather than break their relationship.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that wal-mart is the world's largest retailer and a successful retailer in u.s market that offers low price to their customers.
  • Explains that companies can prevent transfer the damage of stakeholders’ wealth to shareholders by focusing on their interests.
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