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Air India airline is one of the biggest airline in the India. It was established by the famous company TATA and since its incorporation. It has grown very well and has spread all over the world in the different destinations. It has become the reputable brand in the airline industry with having the operations over 152 destinations. It has link up connection in the 35 countries and it has currently having 137 fleets. This company becomes the public limited company in the 1946. The company has international and the local route and its performance is increasing day by day with the pace of the good growth as compare to the other airlines in the industries in the area and the channels in which this airline is working.
External factors affecting the Air India
Every company in the market has to face the different challenges and try to cope with the challenges to come up with the strong idea to stay and survive in the market. Market is getting tougher and there are different factors which effect on the company policies and the strategies which the company is looking to apply. Some factors can be managed by the skills of the companies and can be tackled. These factors called internal factors but there are some factors which are very hard to tackle. They are out of control of the company but the alternative actions can be taken to avoid the consequences of the impacts. To analyze the external factors which are affecting the Air India airline, the pestle analysis can be used.
PESTEL analysis:
Pestle analysis is the tool to analyze the external environment of the business. It takes the different factors according to which the opportunities and threats can be analyzed and the actions plan can be made.
Political factors:
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... culture.
Stakeholders’ analysis on Air India:
Stakeholders’ analysis is the analysis which tells that how the company is dealing with the people which are directly or indirectly related with the company’s operations. These are called stakeholder and they include the employee, society, suppliers, buyers, shareholders, got and other tax related companies.
Air India has gone through this process very strongly and it is very committed with society and on every big event, they are providing the reduce price to keep the customers with the company. On the other hand, this airline is providing the huge income to the economy as the tax for which got has recently accounted to provide the less tax on buying new fleets. Company varies with the suppliers as the supply of fleets is not often therefore company focuses on the different suppliers which provide them the best price.

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