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Advertising Trend: Social Media Danise Allen Baker College Advertising Trend: Social Media As a current trend in advertising, social media is the largest advertising network platform all over the world and this is as a result of the number of businesses that have opted to utilize the concept of social media platform in advertising its products and services. It is evident that, through social media platforms, the process of product and service advertisement has been transformed into a more efficient and constructive process that is result-oriented (Kumar & Rani, 2014). It is a trend that is characterized by the effort made for persons to appropriately interact with each other and build positive relationships. With the existing social channels, companies have the opportunity to directly communicate with their consumers, which is a more personal interaction as compared to the outbound advertising and marketing. The target audience/user In establishing the exact users or target audience of social media, it is paramount to note that every social media platform is different in its application. Some of the general insights on the users shows that approximately 83 percent of people who are aged 18-29 are the main users of the social media; followed by approximately 77 percent of people aged 30-49. Another significant insight is that 70 percent of the urbanites are the major users of social media, and the target is across all levels of income as the platforms are not expensive as compared to the outbound advertising and marketing measures (Kumar & Rani, 2014). Resource requirements for capitalizing the trend Social media has a variety of functions that are crucial to the effective operation of businesses, and this range... ... middle of paper ... network generating more sustainable sales and profits as a result of providing efficient platforms for carrying out product and/or service advertisements, there is a clear indication that the concept of creativity is being incorporated to improve the functionality of the major social media platforms. Advancements in technological procedures are also initiating new features on different social media platforms that make the experience of social media advertisement more interesting and efficient (Kumar & Rani, 2014). References Kumar, A. S., & Rani, D. U. (2014). Paradigm shift of social media marketing. International Journal of Logistics & Supply Chain Management Perspectives, 2(4), 421-425. Thackeray, R., Neiger, B. L., & Keller, H. (2012). Integrating Social Media and Social Marketing: A Four-Step Process. Health promotion practice, 13(2), 165-168.

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