A Social Gathering

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Innovations and inventions are driving today’s market. Almost overnight, the concept of social media modifying business, large and small, has become prevalent. With this aspect in mind, companies must replicatet the ever-changing atmosphere of the global business media. The types of media available include blogs, photo sharing, video sharing, personal social networks, events, email, label social networks, wikis (internet user edited encyclopedias), pod casting, and texting. This social content may be demarcated as what people make and share. Both big and small businesses must adapt to an ever-changing economy due to the vast, expensive operation cost they need to cover. In order for small businesses to achieve leverage in an economy, they must carry out social media to see success.

Communal broadcasting is a way for consumers to effectively advertise a product free of charge and it is this aspect that is benefiting a company. Consumers will share with their network if the product gives them joy (Evans 26). This is why blogs are so influential. They create a temperament with readers that trust them. Bloggers talk about a product in context of their lifestyle allowing it to be relatable to the reader. Many laws currently are in existence that affects bloggers. Some of these laws concern freedom and speech and copyright that potentially may differ from country to country and often times, the laws have not yet been updated to include more than traditional journalists (“Legal”). Bloggers specifically will have to find the fine line to walk on when most people in the blogosphere are normal people not familiar with publishing laws. These laws exist for a reason though. Blogs and other social media not being censored by any ...

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...omics leading away from more laissez-faire policies to instead, ones involving checks and balances with in the economy. With this prerogative, small businesses will be able to thrive and succeed while still maintaining a relationship with bigger business.

To achieve such success, social media advertising and innovative ways to catch the attention of the people must be employed. The internet and its growing abilities allows for even an individual to have a way to connect with the word. With different types of social media available from micro blogging to making interactive games, companies have the option to be flexible about how they want to get their product out to the mass public. This is why businesses may even have to be implementing the next new thing while also being aware of what social media is. The key is to stay innovative to be successful.
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