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Preliminary Title of Essay: Sleep Deprivation Among Adolescents Preliminary Thesis Statement: Sleep deprivation has detrimental effects on the health and academic performance of students. About the Introductory Paragraph: In this paragraph, I will elucidate on how sleep deprivation is associated with low academic performance, poor health, depression, mood disorders and drowsy driving in adolescents. I will substantiate my argument using statistics and studies, performed by researchers in my sources. I will also be defining cardinal terms such as circadian rhythms, sleep deprivation and neurocognitive functioning. Finally, I will present my thesis statement and introduce academic performance and health effects of sleep deprivation as the two primary themes. About the Background Information Paragraph: In the background paragraph, I will expound the underlying causes of sleep deprivation in students. I will explain how students are often pressurized by their parents, professors and peer competition to strive for higher grades and meet unrealistic goals that are sometimes, beyond their potential. These factors then force the students to extend their study time by several hours, often leading to late night studying. Moreover, some of the students may also get trapped in the vicious cycle of drug abuse to regulate their sleep and wake cycles, ultimately leading to sleep deprivation. This will strengthen my argument and demonstrate that there is a burning need of developing solutions to address this issue urgently. Analytical Point # 1. Theme: Academic Performance Topic Sentence: Relationship between sleep deprivation and students’ GPA Sources to be used: Gaultney (2010) Curcio, Ferrara & De Gennaro (2006) Brief description of pl... ... middle of paper ... ...cannot be undermined. Sleep deprivation has an indirect correlation with the students’ academic performance. Moreover, it can lead to a plethora of lifestyle disorders such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, cancer and in some cases even death. Conclusion: I will conclude that it is very vital that students do not neglect their sleep needs. Sleep deprivation can have unfavorable effects on students’ academic performance and unfortunate effects on students’ health. I will also propose possible solutions to rectify this issue. Firstly, universities and schools should take initiative to organize sleep intervention and sleep screening programs for students. This can help in making a profound impact on the academic performance of the students. Finally, even the parents should inculcate the habit of sleeping early to prevent their children from suffering from sleep deprivation.

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