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Sleep is a condition of the mind and body in which the nervous system is relatively inactive, the eyes are closed, the muscles are relaxed and consciousness is practically suspended. On average a person needs between seven and nine hours of sleep, which can be hard to achieve with the stresses of life. Sleep can drastically affect how the mind functions. Studies have found that a lack of sleep can decrease motor skills and affect a persons memory. Among memory and motor skills, lack of sleep can negatively affect cognition. Cognition is the process of thinking which is needed for the writing process and other creative elements. If people increase the amount of sleep they receive, then there writing process will be better. Some studies have…show more content…
Lack of sleep can negatively affect motor skills. A study done by University of Harvard tested 62 people, training them to do new task before they slept for different periods of time before testing them on the task. They found that a night of sleep can increase motor skills by 20% while staying awake for a equivalent period of time provides no significant benefits (Walker). If lack of sleep affects motor skills, then lack of sleep affects writing, a type of motor skill. This important because students are known for staying up all night and getting very little sleep. If sleep is negativity affecting there motor skills then the work they are staying up all night to do isn 't going to be the best work they can…show more content…
It not only affects memory and motor skills but it also affects the body in general. Lack of sleep has shown to weaken your immune system, make a person more vulnerable to common viruses, be a cause of obesity, cause high blood pressure and be a link to depression. (Effects of Sleep Deprivation on the Body). It is not good for the brain to get very little sleep, but it is also very dangerous for the body. If person body is sick, or they are battling with depression then there writing process is going to be affects. Nobody has the motivation to write a essay if they are down with the flu, and depression has been a correlation to students doing poor in

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