Essay On Sexual Harassment

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Have you ever witness someone in a workplace setting being abused sexually due to their type of sex? The majority of people who work in offices and workplace settings have said that they have witness first-hand harassment of the female sex from their the more dominated male sex (Johnson). Over the course of many generations, women have usually been seen as to stay in the home and only cook, clean, and take care of the kids. Usually, in these situations, the dominant male in the family is the bread winner and makes the money that the family needs to have to live a nice life off of. As more generations past, more and more woman are starting to leave the kitchen and finally get jobs in office buildings and workplace environments. With more…show more content…
Sexual harassment is not limited to just one type of form. Rather than coming in a single form, sexual harassment can come in many different forms that can be caused by a wide range of people and can be interpreted completely different when it comes in the eyes of others (Barreio). A typical observer believes that sexual harassment is an offense only done by men in the workplace, but these people are actually wrong. Sexual harassment is a neutral gender offense, as a woman can sexually harass a man and vice-versa. However, though, statistics show overwhelmingly that men actually sexually harass woman more (Barreio). Over the course of one’s career, 54% of people will witness or be the victim of a sexual harassment incident, while 12% of people who are victims of a sexual harassment incident are given threats of termination if they do not comply to the aggressor (Association of Woman for Action and Research). Some examples of sexual harassment in the workplace can be uninviting touching, uninvited kisses or embraces, smutty jokes or comments, making promises in turn for sexual favors, repeated invitations to go out after prior refusals, stalking, offensive phone calls or letters, and requests for sex (Australian Human Rights…show more content…
There are different ways to discipline an employee who has committed the sexual harassment. An employer can be harsh and strict on the employee, but can also be lenient and easy, which is the inappropriate and wrong way to go in the eyes of the employer. Next, the employer will have to teach and train their employees on how to prevent and know what constitutes as sexual harassment in the workplace. Employers can set up seminars, keynote speakers, and even an acting group to portray the horrors of everyday sexual harassment that takes place in a normal workplace. Hopefully, this will get in the mind of every single employee of the employer and the same incident will ever happen again in the office. To make sure that the employees retain the information they took in during the presentation, employers can come into contact with their employees and actually test them and see if they remember the information that they learn. This does not have to be frequent at all, but can probably be around every couple of weeks and even sometimes months (Graves). If it happens that majority of the employees of the employers do not hold any of the information they learned back when they watch the presentation, then the employer can then hire the presenter or another presenter again to teach the employer’s employees about the wrongfulness of sexual harassment in the typical workplace
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