Sexual Harassment in a Workplace

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Sexual Harassment in a Workplace: One of the major problems in today’s working environment is sexual harassment that has continued to have significant impact on women. The prevalence of sexual harassment in the modern workplace is attributed to the fact that it takes many forms including rape, derogatory comments, unwanted sexual advances and threats, and sexual assault. Sexual harassment is a major problem because of its negative impact and consequences for employers in low-wage jobs. This is primarily because workers in this category of jobs can least afford having their livelihood threatened. Due to its impact, there have been several initiatives to end sexual harassment in the workplace including the enactment of The Fair Employment Protection Act, which provides crucial safeguards for employees from harassment. Sexual Harassment Statistics: According to the United States Equal Employment Commission, it is illegal for to harass an individual such as employee or applicant on the basis of his/her gender or sex (“Sexual Harassment” par, 1). Notably, this type of discrimination does not have to be sexual in nature and can incorporate offensive remarks regarding a person’s sex. However, the discrimination can incorporate request for sexual behaviors, unwanted sexual advances, and verbal or physical pestering of a sexual nature. The victim and harasser in this type of discrimination can be of either sex or of the same sex during the occurrence of the incident. Sexual harassment is unlawful when it happens frequently or severely though the law does not forbid simple teasing, secluded incidents, and casual comments. For such actions to constitute sexual harassment they must take place more often and severely to an extent t... ... middle of paper ... ...ployers should also take necessary steps to ensure that workplace policies and practices create a safe and secure environment for all workers. The need for employers to create such environment through effective policies and practices is fueled by their liability for harassment committed by a supervisor or manager in the company. In conclusion, sexual harassment in a workplace is a major problem in the modern working environment with significant impacts on organizational productivity, employee morale, and employee satisfaction. This form of discrimination occurs in various ways include requests for sexual favors, unwanted sexual advances or behaviors, threats, derogatory comments, and rape. The prevention of sexual harassment incidents requires the establishment of effective workplace policies and practices as well as concerted efforts by employers and employees.

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