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Throwing flour, eggs, baking soda, and salt in a bowl to make a cupcake is how people classify a pastry chef. In the dictionary a pastry chef is a professional cook who specializes in making desserts, especially cakes and pastries . There are over a million pastries out in the world that some may enjoy and may not. Becoming a pastry chef is my passion that’s why I am here to explain what responsibilities you have to take on this career. To me a pastry chef is a baker whom is passionate about what they’re about to design and loves exotic desserts. Plus, you can have a career, able to travel the world, and many competitions. Having a career foremost for steady income to keep rolling in and able to enjoy what you love doing. Pastry chefs receive both, the steady income and excitement of their duty. With this career multiple decisions are given to you of where want to go to bake , wanting to have your own company ,work for someone else, and many more. Regardless of what decision, the excitement of baking will never decease. Steady income will always occur, unless you retire or just stop baking. Reason is everyone will always need a birthday cake or dessert for a gathering. There is also teaching to be a option for a career being a pastry chef. Teaching at colleges, high schools, or baking and pastry programs are some other alternatives. That is when traveling the world kicks in. Everyone dreams to travel the world on someone else’s tab. Pastry chefs luxury is traveling the world for free and receiving money at the same time. Over a million pastry chefs are paid to go teach a class or show their work around the world. For traveling to a out of state college to teach a class the pay is over nine-hundred for only thirty minutes. Other... ... middle of paper ... ...e mind is a helpful resource for yourself and others. The skills are given to you with loving what you bring to the table . Pastry chefs are most likely visual learners whom have hard time learning from books. The outlook of different prospective of the world are colorful in their eyes. They are different human beans. Now go out and become a pastry chef or go meet one. Try different desserts at your local grocery stores and compare to see who is the better chef. See whom cake is fluffy or dry, whether the icing is thick and sweet. Also, a difference in the freshness of the pastry or dessert. If you figure out the differences of pastries, you are officially a beginner pastry chef. Passion, hope, and love is a Pastry Chef. Someone who is committed to having fun, traveling the world, and up to competing with other chefs. What career do you know has that much joy time.

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