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Dyneesha Richardson George Hewes an American Revolutionary
George Hewes was just a poor shoemaker. However, he was put into the conflict concerning the revolt for freedom through destiny and political views. Hewes had several reasons and many experiences that led to him to partake in the American Revolution.Hewes was poor and often ran over. He was tired of all the British military presence because of Parliament, and he disliked how domineering, and violent the military men were. He was also bullied and harmed by Loyalists, like John Malcolm. All of these events, were some of the key points that led George Hewes to take part in the American Revolution. as a poor shoemaker.
As stated before, George Hewes grew up in a poverty-stricken family. At the age of fourteen, he was appointed to the job of being a shoemaker (pg. 14). Hewes always wanted to do what was right and fair. He had promised himself that he would join the military, but he was to short; he inherited his height from the men in his family (pg. 17, 23). He was able to sympathize with the lower class, like himself, who were deemed unimportant because of their financial status. The immigrating Brits, especially, saw themselves as being at the top of the food chain, while poor people like Hewes was at
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22). He was a man who was kindhearted, but he hated to see his peers mistreated. This lead Hewes to do whatever he could in his power to make sure that he, along with others, are treated as a legitimate people in the eyes of those above them- the Brits. He was a Revolutionary because of his passion to make the colonies an independent nation. Hewes became more militant and determined to get this independence after the Boston Massacre (pg. 39). Even though he had people from his own colony-Loyalists- trying to deter him from his goals, George Hewes showed them that a poor shoemaker can become a recognized

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