Battle of Lexington

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The American Revolution was a tough time for America and the people who fought it. Many wars were fought and many people died, but throughout the whole events moments of inspiration were evident. One such time was in the Battle of Lexington which took place on April 19th, 1775 and one such poem the truly reflects it is called The Battle of Lexington which was written by Sidney Lanier. The poem reflects the thoughts of this man and Paul Revere during this time.
In the first stanza Mr. Lanier tells Paul revere to ride fast and hard to Lexington so he can tell others that the British are coming. It is evident that he has to be in a rush because Lanier says, "While the way is clear". This shows that this option might not be open for a long time so Mr. Revere will have to ride fast. In the next stanza, the British are starting to cross the river and so a man name Deven, is trying to help Paul Revere. As he leaves Deven watches him ride into the night with what I think admiration. Also as he is leaving Deven is watching the British come closer and so I think this is a tragic point for him to accept.
As the story goes on it is the next morning, and attention is called to a man named John Parker. At this point the British soldiers along with General Gage were marching toward concord. When this occurred there were also minutemen or the American soldiers waiting there as well to engage in a battle. This is seen in the poem. The man tells John Parker to look outside his windows and to witness independence. He says this because both men believe that the American soldiers will win. It is to say that they have no doubt in there minds that they will win. Continuing on, as the British approached concord and so the American soldiers are told to line up in formation. This man asks for all the men of [President] Lincoln to start getting ready to fight. He mentions that through the wounds of this war liberty will be won, because these men know that some will die in order to win. The poet calls Prescott and Revere in hurry. He tells the other men such as Chelmsford, Littleton, Carlisle, and others to line up in formation.

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