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  • The Ames Boston Hotel In Boston, Massachusetts

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    Boston is one of the most influential city in the country. It has old historic sites and new places to visit in the city. And if your hungry “Beantown” has all sorts of restaurants with good food to eat at. There are also some of the best and most luxurious hotels in the country. The best historic and modern city in the world is Boston, Massachusetts. The Ames Boston Hotel has a terrific designs and activities that will make people want to stay longer. Hotel guests will enjoy the 19th century

  • The Boston Massacre

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    The Boston Massacre was and is still a debatable Massacre. The event occurred on March 5, 1776. It involved the rope workers of the colonial Boston and two British regiments, the twenty-ninth and the fourteenth regiments. Eleven people were shot in the incident; five people were killed and the other six were merely wounded. The soldiers and the captain, Thomas Preston, were all put on trial. All were acquitted of charges of murder, however the two soldiers who fired first, Private Mathew Killroy

  • Boston Essay

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    Although Boston and Newport are located along the East Coast of the United Sates, they are miles apart, both literally and figuratively, in social, economic and climatically diversities. In Boston, Massachusetts every day is unpredictable and chaotic while Newport, North Carolina is best described as quiet and uneventful. With a population of nearly 700,000 people, Boston, Massachusetts culture is described as unique. The Boston accent, also known as the sub-dialect of New England English, is widely

  • David Boston

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    Robocop," says Chargers defensive end Marcellus Wiley. "If any of us defensive linemen go down, he's going two-way. I mean, 260 pounds, 5% body fat, a 4.3 40? That's 30 sacks. Every day in the cafeteria, I walk past the fried foods and say, 'I am David Boston' That way, I won't eat them.

  • Irish Immigrants in Boston

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    Irish Immigrants in Boston The life of Irish immigrants in Boston was one of poverty and discrimination. The religiously centered culture of the Irish has along with their importance on family has allowed the Irish to prosper and persevere through times of injustice. Boston's Irish immigrant population amounted to a tenth of its population. Many after arriving could not find suitable jobs and ended up living where earlier generations had resided. This attributed to the 'invisibility' of the

  • Boston Massacre

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    The Boston Massacre is considered by many historians to be the first battle of the Revolutionary War. The fatal incident happened on March 5 of 1770. The massacre resulted in the death of five colonists. British troops in the Massachusetts Bay Colony were there to stop demonstrations against the Townshend Acts and keep order, but instead they provoked outrage. The British soldiers and citizens brawled in streets and fought in bars. “The citizens viewed the British soldiers as potential oppressors

  • Ponzi: The Boston Swindler

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    1920s based on a theoretical arbitrage in international postal reply coupons. “Fifty percent profit in forty-five days!” was the claim of Charles Ponzi. Ponzi was a purported financial wizard. In the summer of 1920, he ran an “investment company” in Boston. He claimed to reap great profits by trading postal reply coupons. Nonetheless, the investment scheme was a fraud. Ponzi was using investors' money to pay off earlier investors, while keeping some for himself. In the end, he had collected $9,500,000

  • City of Boston

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    The City of Boston Boston is the capital and largest city of Massachusetts. It was established in 1630 by John Winthrop of the Massachusetts Bay Company. No city in the United States is as blessed as Boston when it comes to historical sites. All of the sites that I will describe to you are a part of the Freedom Trail. Anyone interested in traveling to Boston for the first time should check out the Freedom Trail. One of the most important historical sites in Boston is the Paul Revere House on 19

  • Boston and Chesapeake Bay

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    Early years of America were tough and brutal. Two areas of early America emerged superior,Virginia and Massachusetts. Jamestown, although with its trials, paved the way of learning of how to establish a colony. Boston also had its teachings of trade, allie,s and religion. But what I believe shaped these colonies the most was location. The second most influencing aspect was trade, which was dictated by location. Virginia was started and fueled by indentured servants and the location of the Chesapeake

  • City Of Boston, Massachusetts

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    City of Boston, Massachusetts The major cities of the United States are all very interesting, after I analyzed my decision; I decided to research the great city of Boston, Massachusetts. Boston was founded on September 17, 1630 and has a rich historical background making it a very important city in the United States. “The city of Boston was the home to several important events during the American Revolution such as: the Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party, the Siege of Boston, Battle of Lexington

  • The Plight of Immigrants to Boston

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    The Plight of Immigrants to Boston Since its conception in the early 1600's, Boston, the so-called 'City on a Hill,' has opened its doors to all people of all ethnic and religious background. At times there were many who fought to prevent the immigrants, while other people, at the same time, helped those who made it to the Americas, more specifically, Boston to make a new life for themselves. The immigrants from Ireland were not unfamiliar with this trend in American history. More often than

  • Boston forced busing

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    “Boston Against Busing: Race, Class and Ethnicity in the 1960s and 1970s” The book “Boston Against Busing: Race, Class and Ethnicity in the 1960s and 1970s” written by Ronald P. Formisano examines the opposition of court-ordered desegregation through forced busing. The author comes to the conclusion that the issue surrounding integration is a far more complex issue than just racism that enveloped the southern half of the country during this time period. Formisano argues that there were broader

  • Comparing The Boston Massacre And The Boston Tea Party

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    Our topic is the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party, both of which took place in Boston Massachusetts and were two of many grievances that escalated the tension between the colonists and the British. The Boston Massacre occurred March 5th in the year 1770. British troops were already in Massachusetts since 1768 to help enforce the Townshend Acts and tensions had been rising. The Townshend Acts was a tax of common goods (paper, glass, tea) imposed by the British government on the colonists

  • The Boston Massacre

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    a fight broke out in the streets of Boston, Massachusetts between a patriot mob and British soldiers. Citizens attacked a squad of soldiers by throwing snowballs, stones and sticks. British Army soldiers in turn killed five civilians and injured six others. The presence of British troops had been stationed in Boston, the capital of Province of Massachusetts Bay since 17681. The British existence was increasingly unwelcome. The British troops were sent to Boston in order to protect and support the

  • 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings

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    2013 Boston Marathon Bombings/ Who Did It?! Introduction “The media is the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that is power because they control the minds of the masses.” (Malcolm X). One of the most controversial matters that was on local and international TV news, radio stations, newspapers, magazines and social media sites is the Boston Marathon Bombings which occurred in April 15th last year. There were many opinions

  • Boston Massacre

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    The Boston Massacre was an extremely important event in American History. Also, it a very controversial topic. To this day, no one can really give an accurate description of the events that transpired. The Boston Massacre was not a random event at all; many actions led up to the massacre. As a result of this disaster, America was changed forever and sent on a road towards revolution. The Boston Massacre was a defining moment in American history. Many people believe that the Boston Massacre was a

  • Descriptive Essay On Discovering Boston

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    Discovering Boston By: Roxanne Aguilera Don’t miss these sights Boston and surrounding areas in Massachusetts, is home to breathtaking sceneries, historical sights, cuisine, schools, and more. It’s a place to hide from your problems one may say. Just about 3 miles west of Boston, is Cambridge commonly known for Ivy League University, Harvard. Boston itself is a tourist location for many sites. Oddly hidden between skyscrapers, is the Old State House, a museum devoted to explaining the history

  • East Boston Research Paper

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    East Boston is very different from the rest of Boston’s neighborhoods. It is geographically separated by the water and is accessible only via the Sumner tunnel, Callahan tunnel, or the Blue Line of the MBTA. It used to be accessed by a ferry service but the ferry was discontinued in the 1950s (Page 3 of the second book in the kit). It is an ethnic enclave with a large Hispanic and Latino population (page 4 of ACS in kit). This was easily visible when walking through East Boston. As cars were driving

  • Essay On The Boston Massacre

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    Boston Massacre The events of March 5, 1770 should and have been remembered as momentous and predictable. Perhaps not the night or city specifically, but the state of affairs in Boston, if not throughout The English Colonies, had declined to the point that British troops found themselves frequently assaulted with stones, dirt, and human feces. The opinions and sentiments of either side were certainly not clandestine. Even though two spectators express clear culpability for the opposing side, they

  • The Boston Massacre

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    WHO WAS TO BLAME FOR THE BOSTON MASSACRE? HISTORY 1301 DIPU SHRESTHA According to the textbook who was to blame for the Boston Massacre, several Boston resident were shot and killed by British Soldiers on the night of March 5, 1770, in what became known as Boston Massacre. The Boston Massacre discusses the most important events that turned the colonial sentiment against the" King George III and the British acts and taxes." The showdown between the